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How to Arrange Loveseat and Sofas? - AllStarFurniture

How to Arrange Loveseat and Sofas?

Arranging furniture is a daunting task. Have you ever got the feeling while walking in a room that something is not right? Or sometimes you just feel that your room is not welcoming enough? This indicates that your furniture is not adequately arranged, especially sofas and loveseats. Sofas and loveseats are important for regular use as comfortable furniture. The experts in furniture stores can guide you more about the types of furniture suited to your space. No matter what style of furniture you have in your room, the sofa is most likely to be your anchor piece. There are lots of ways to arrange sofas and loveseats depending on the size and shape of the room. Here are some of our ideas below that you can use to arrange it.


It could be a natural focal point (fireplace mantle or big window view) or a self-designed focal point (accent wall or a large piece of artwork). Whatever spot you have chosen as your focal point, make a decision and stick with it. Arrange your sofa and loveseats as your main piece with other pieces of furniture around it as much as possible.


The size of the room indicates how far you can pull your sofa or loveseat away from the walls. Having your furniture pushed against the wall will not provide breathing room between the back of the furniture piece and the wall. Though its a popular belief, but having a little space behind the furniture can make the room feel bigger.


You need to consider that your guests can talk to each other without craning their neck or shout across the room. Position your sofa or loveseat to face each other close enough that people can converse without raising their voices and considering traffic flow. If you have a larger space, feel free to arrange the furniture in such a way that the conversation area is created in the middle of the room preferably several feet away from the walls. If your room is large enough, create multiple conversation areas.


Balance is vital in decorating and arranging the furniture in your room. Consider the size and placement of various pieces around the loveseat and sofa. Avoid making a group of large or small pieces in one area that can make space feel lopsided and unsettling. Make sure that there are furniture of multiple shapes and variety around sofas and loveseats.


One of the important factors to consider when arranging any furniture in any room is the traffic flow. People should not trip over the furniture or each other while passing the room. Sofas and loveseats are ginormous pieces of furniture that devours most of your living area. Make sure that there is enough space around your sofa, loveseat, and other pieces of furniture to walk around. Create a clear path so that people can walk from one end of the room to the other without any difficulty.

No matter how you look at it, your sofa and loveseat are important pieces of furniture in your room. When it comes to arranging furniture and accessories, it’s best to plan ahead if you are buying new pieces. We are one of Northern Alberta’s leading furniture stores, located in West Edmonton. We are passionate about introducing stunning new products to help our customers breathe life into empty rooms.

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