Ideas for Furniture Arrangement in Your Living Room

Posted on by Bapu Naidu

Ideas for Furniture Arrangement in Your Living Room

Arranging the furniture can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider. It is intimidating to stand in an empty room, not knowing where to start. It often feels like the worst kind of guessing game.

We have compiled a simple guide that will help you to figure out what works for every room, starting from your living room. These living room layout ideas will help you in assisting and decorating your living room.

Create a Plan

Before starting to place the furniture, measure the living room. Note the length and width of the room. You can create it on your computer or hand draw it and note the measurements. Pre-planning will help to save you extra effort, work and time in the long run. Consider everything in terms of spaces, aesthetic, lifestyle and budget.

Figure out a Purpose

Decide the main motive of your living room. Is it to entertain the guests? Is it a room for your family to watch television? Before planning the arrangement of your furniture, you need to decide the motive. It helps you to decide the number and types of furniture pieces that the room needs to fulfill the purpose.

Select a Focal point

Every living room needs to have a focal point or a highlight. The main focus can be a painting or a captivating TV wall. Whatever the focal point is, make sure that the furniture does not cover the highlight and contributes towards enhancing it’s looks.

Consider the Space

It is important to position the biggest piece of furniture first before arranging the rest of the furniture. Ensure that space is evenly distributed between the furniture. The biggest piece of furniture like a sofa usually faces the television or the fireplace. Make sure there is enough room for people to walk and stretch out. If you have a small room, it is advised to keep some distance between the furniture and the wall to have an enlarge perception of the room.

Pick the Size

When you are choosing furniture for your living room, always make sure you pick various sizes of chairs, sofas, or side tables to help achieve the better-looking design in general. Placing uniform furniture next to each other is not advisable. For a professional design look, it is suggested to place uniform furniture on opposite ends of each other.

Mix Contrasting Shapes

Play with variety of furniture. For example, a rectangular sofa can contrast with a round coffee table or a country table with a curvy end. The choice depends on you. Get more tips on how to arrange your furniture, check out our blog about 5 furniture pieces for the minimalist.

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